Revotool Online-Shop

  • Instruction:
    • Exact and simple drilling of 5,6,8,10,12 mm
      for metal fittings and dowels whilst on assembly, or in the workshop.

    • Drilling near edges using mm scales, without marking.

    • Positioning pin for the edge mark continuing drilling holes
      5 bzw. 8mm hole interval 32mm

    • Hole depth adjustment with stopping ring, for every size the same allen screw

    • Adjustments to wood thickness not necessary:
      For 19mm wood thickness, the hole is exactly in the middle (9,5mm)
      For thicker and thinner wood the hole more to the side

    • Drilling in the middle with all wood thicknesses:
      Put an 8mm dowel in each hole left and right of the desired hole and then turn diagonally.

    • The anti-slip pad makes a fixing of the work-piece not nexessary